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Business Consulting

Supporting client objectives through the design, delivery, and implementation of durable business, organizational and human solutions.

Business ConsultingACHIEVE Inc. offers a broad range of consulting, coaching, facilitating and training services in Organization Effectiveness, Labor Management, Employee Relations, and Human Resource Management.

Labor Management and Employee Relations

Services include strategic planning, assessment, design, training, facilitation and implementation of strategic alliances between labor and management. Additional services include crisis intervention, mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Human Resource Management

Services include Human Resource systems and process redesign, Human Resource planning, HRM consultation to meet organizational needs and implementation processes.

Organization/Project Effectiveness

Services include strategic planning, organization redesign, marketing, continuous improvement, team building, problem-solving processes and meeting facilitation.

Training and Development

In support of sustainable change initiatives, all services integrate education, hands-on skill building and training as required. Consulting and educational processes are customized with and for client(s). Delivering the design, implementation, technology transfer and coaching in:

  • Employee and Labor/Management Relations
  • Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution training and facilitation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team Building and Group Dynamics
  • Consensus and Team Decision Making
  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic/Project Planning
  • Mutual Interest Negotiation Skills and Facilitation
  • Action Learning — “Strategic Action Leadership Teams.” SALT Groups ©
  • Consulting, Communication and Facilitation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution through the CONFLICT COACH ©

ACHIEVE Inc. draws on a North American-based strategic alliance of consultants and practitioners. They deliver effective solutions in Human Resource systems design and services; human resource planning, pay and incentive plans; competency development; leadership skills, training and measurement tools.


“Leadership provides the intent, direction of change and sponsorship for innovation. Only the people undertaking the work of change have the power and capability to ensure that objectives are designed, implemented and sustained”.

Achieving measurable outcomes

ACHIEVE Inc. comprises a network of independent consultants who have experience across a broad cross-section of business, industrial and institutional sectors in North America. Each consultant has in excess of ten years hands-on working and leadership experience within organizations and a proven track record as a consultant. Our consulting approach and delivery differentiates ACHIEVE Inc. by:

“Practicing what we preach”. Our consultants utilize the same approach, technology and methodology made available to our clients.

Drawing on specific consulting and practitioner expertise that best matches the requirements of each consulting assignment.

Ensuring that each consultant is current and competent in their area of expertise and is able to provide evidence of successful outcomes with client organizations.

Creating and maintaining effective relationships with consulting firms currently engaged within client organizations who possess specialized and/or companion technology and expertise allowing for seamless delivery of services.

Providing for the transfer and implementation of technology, methodology and skills to clients thereby reducing consultant dependency.

Working with individuals and groups developing timely methods of resolving differences toward aligning expectations and objectives within diverse complex organizations.

Possessing the ability to work jointly with management and labor in the pursuit of their common and differing interests, facilitating mutual interest-based negotiations, and establishing creative methods for ongoing problem solving processes during the life of collective agreements.

Possessing the capability to work effectively with all levels of an organization.

ACHIEVE Inc. consultants believe that consulting services can only be successful when the client is confident that each consultant, without exception, works within the client’s expressed values, ethics and expectations.


Executive VP and Partner

Randy Marston has 20 years of experience as an operations manager, systems analyst, marketing manager and senior consultant in corporate America. For the last 20 years, Randy has owned and operated a diverse group of businesses that include real estate, auto dealerships, banks, construction, farms, engineering, and computer systems. He is also a founding director of three commercial banks.

In the past 40 years Randy has learned and worked in positions that range from being a member of a merger and acquisition team for a NYSE firm to helping a small closely held family corporation deal with restructuring their benefits package.

Randy holds a B.S. degree in Commerce and Business Administration and an M.A. degree in Applied Behavioral Science. He is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a Board Certified Coach.

Randy is the Director of The Marston Center for Life Strategy and Relationship Counseling. He is an acknowledged and respected coach and mentor to CEO’s and senior executives.

The “bottom line” of the skill set that Randy brings to the table is best described in the words of his clients:

“He is the ultimate problem solver…high energy, quick, and cost effective.”

“He is a no nonsense type of guy that is able to communicate extremely effectively.”

“Randy is comfortable in the board room or in the warehouse…he has an amazing ability to build rapport with a wide range of personalities.”

“He knows how to get to the source of the problem quickly and efficiently.”

“I like his hands-on approach;…he cuts to the chase.”

“My staff told him things in 3 days that I (CEO) had been trying to get out of them for 10 years!”

“He reminds me of a master bridge builder…he has such a broad range of business experience coupled with an intuitive sense of what motivates people that he is able to create a win-win for everyone involved in the process.”

“Randy gives you a lot of bang for your buck…I like his entrepreneurial spirit; he knows what it feels like to sweat to make payroll every Friday.”

“My young sales managers have responded very positively to Randy’s coaching.”

In Randy’s own words…

“What I do is quickly observe the human condition of the people involved in the process of change and manage the tension and fear that is a result of that change. I use a variety of assessment tools to achieve a measurable result that benefits the profit picture of the organization.

Finally, in the words of Michelangelo…”Ancora Imparo”…I am still learning.”

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