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Randy MarstonĀ M.A.

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Clients have all of the strength and resources to get where they want to go.

I do not attempt to fix my clients, as I do not believe they are broken.

I do a combination of many things. My coachingĀ involves re-parenting; it’s about loving the client and being unconditional. It’s understanding, providing stress reduction, and building a positive sense of self-esteem. It’s about giving practical advice. It provides ways to reduce anxiety and depression. It offers insight into destructive patterns. It’s a consistent process of refining behaviors so that it produces the state of mind that the client desires. My style is not about good or bad, or right or wrong. It’s about honoring the differences. I accept clients of all spiritual and sexual orientations. I do not have hardening of the categories; I am open to all ways of being and doing. I provide a “male friendly” environment.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram personality profile is a powerful tool that I use to help clients achieve a greater level of self-awareness.

“The Enneagram is an ancient Sufi teaching that describes nine different personality types and their interrelationships. The teaching can help us to recognize our own type and how to cope with our issues; understand our work associates, lovers, family, and friends; and to appreciate the predisposition that each type has for higher human capacities such as empathy, omniscience, and love.


Learning about the Enneagram can further your own self-understanding, help you work out your relationships with other people, and acquaint you with the higher abilities that are particular to your type of mind.” 1. Palmer, Helen The Enneagram (New York: Harper/Collins, 1991), 3.


W A R M (Wild Animal Rescue Mission) Randy and his wife, Michael, also operate a non-profit animal rescue mission. They care for injured or orphaned animals until they can be returned to the wild.


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