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Heather J. Johnson M.A. LMFT Heather J. Johnson M.A. LMFT

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

“Fostering Transformation”

Work in partnership to discover and create new possibilities!

  • Direct, dynamic, creative and energetic approach
  • Systemic and holistic therapeutic process
  • Interactive style
  • Self discovery through relationship

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Jamie Faust M.A. LMHCJamie Faust M.A. LMHC

James Faust & Associates PLLC

How can you have a better life? How can your marriage be happy again? How can your family be happy once more? These are questions that we all ask at one time or another in our lives. There is help. Your life does not have to be the way it is. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, anger, marital discord, or an unhappy teenager, there are counseling solutions available to help get you the life you deserve!

Please click on my picture and see who I am and how I can help you build the life you and your family deserve. I look forward to meeting you!

Kerri Stoehr, MA, MBA Kerri Stoehr, MA, MBA

Passageways Counseling and Coaching PLLC

Helping People Discover New Possibilities!

“Our thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to our possibilities.” – Orison Swett Marden

Imagine a counseling or coaching relationship where the total focus is on you, what you want in life, and what will help you achieve it. My signature is in creating a safe, confidential, trustworthy, respectful, non-judgmental, professional partnership which is unique to each person or family – a space where you can discover, learn and grow.

Click on my picture and find out what services I offer and how I can help you. Some of the areas that can be explored include:

  • Counseling – help with personal, child, teen, family, and couple issues and challenges.
  • Coaching – help with life strategies, goal setting, workplace issues, leadership, confidence, vision and purpose.

Frank Hesketh, M.A.Frank Hesketh, M.A.


Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

“Pain and brokenness created in relationship must be healed in relationship.” – K. Alex Onno, Ph.D.

My clients’ goals and inner compasses are essential to the healing process. My job is to guide clients through and beyond their dark places, helping them remove whatever blocks them from their potential.

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Holly Blue, MA, LMFTAHolly Blue, MA, LMFTA

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Holly Blue Counseling

We all long for a close and loving bond with our partner. I work with couples and individuals whose relationships are not as satisfying as they desire. Together we ‘ll uncover hidden dynamics that keep you feeling stuck, and open new possibilities for more connection, passion and safety.

Please click on my picture and see who I am and how I can help you or Contact me for a free half-hour consultation at (360) 915-2497, or email me.

Laura Fore, M.A. LMHCLaura Fore, M.A. LMHC

“Balancing Mind & Body”

Let’s work together to learn how to build on your strengths and successes, while reducing the issues causing you stress and discomfort. We will find practical ways to improve your mental health so you can attain a healthier lifestyle and fullfill your goals.

Specialties: Nutrition education and coaching. Military Welcome!

Call me to schedule an appointment at (360) 271-5858. Visit me at

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Juanita Evans, M.A. LMHCJuanita Evans, M.A. LMHC

Circle in a Square Counseling

Many times in our lives we believe that overcoming obstacles is like attempting the impossible. We continue to feel lonely, make the same mistakes, and have the same fears, self- doubts that eventually cause us to believe that life will always be the same. Life will always be attempting to put a square peg into a round hole.

Well, I believe that life has many possibilities. Life does not have to be a futile attempt of the impossible “putting a square peg into a round hole”. Counseling can assist you in making the changes that you desire in your life. Providing you the opportunity to explore new avenues in which you might not have believed before. This journey may not be easy; however, it is one that can bring out the change you have been longing for. I hope that I can assist you along the way.

Call me to schedule an appointment at (360) 464-7935.

Betsy L. Hicks, M.A., LMFTABetsy L. Hicks, M.A., LMFTA

Lacey Couple & Family Therapy Services, LLC

I believe therapy is about development and progression. Therapy can and often should be a challenging process. Recognizing that change can be hard at times, I strive to provide a safe, confidential, and comfortable atmosphere. I work hard to balance a client’s desire to change and the need for support and stability, by providing a challenging yet nurturing environment. My goal is to help you develop the best relationship possible and reach a better understanding for positive and lasting change.

I provide services for couples, families, and individuals. Week-end and evening appointments available.

Take the next step and explore the possibilities. Call me today to schedule an appointment or inquire about my services at 360.588.2181 and/or visit my website at

Michael Brouillette, MA, MFTA, CHtMichael Brouillette, MA, MFTA, CHt

Hypnotherapist & Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Would you like to change your life? I specialize in hypnosis treatments for clients. You will learn how to use the tools you need to become and stay well balanced.  I work with children, teens, young adults, singles, couples, and families.  Whatever it is that you would like to change, let me help you to do it with hypnosis.

I am unique because I am both trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Hypnotherapist. There are techniques I am able to teach you using hypnosis that are both quick and powerful to help you with whatever issues you are dealing with. Let me help you.

Click the web site link, call or email to learn more or to book your first appointment. (253) 444-4131, or

Ross Artwohl, MSWRoss Artwohl, MSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Committed relationship is a natural system that’s working on you and your partner. A sense of “stuckness”, loneliness and compromised sexual desire are some of the ways relationship teaches where growth is needed. A practicing therapist and clinical supervisor since 2000 I help couples listen to this call and achieve the emotional and sexual intimacy they deserve.

Please click on my picture to learn more or contact me to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation by calling (541) 223-2961 or clicking here.

Miss Patches

Miss Patches

I am a gentle and caring “therapist” and I work with clients of all ages. I’d love to let you scratch my ears and rub my back.You’ll see for yourself how my unique skills can help any situation.

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