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Kelli Haines, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Go With the Flow

I believe our lives are meant to flow from the inside out. Yet, in our modern world, with all of our stresses, diet and lifestyle challenges, we can get bogged down and stuck. When there are blockages in one area of our life, it creates a domino affect. Likewise, when we begin to remove these blockages, whether physical or energetic, it creates a ripple affect as well, bringing us back into balance.

In my experience, one of the key places to focus on in removing sluggishness in the body is the colon. My goal is to provide a comfortable, discreet service known as Colon Hydrotherapy, which helps eliminate and flush out waste products that our bodies no longer need but for a variety of reasons might be holding onto.  

I received my certification from the Prime Pacific Health Institute in British Columbia. I am also a  member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists (I-ACT).

To learn more about Colonic as well as the services Kelli provides, click here. To schedule an appointment call Kelli at 1-360-338-1379 or send her an email.

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