Joseph A. Abbott, BA, B.Msc., IMM, CPC, Initiated Pathfinder Shaman, Pastoral Spiritual/Life Counselor, and WA HCA Certified Peer Support Counselor, Veteran, Teacher, Minister
Guiding Spirit WA Shamanic Healing and Holistic Life Counseling

I am an initiated Pathfinder Shaman of a North-Central Eurasian Animist Tradition. I provide alternative healing services for deep emotional wounds and trauma from both present and past-life incarnations. These wounds can cause a fracture or deep soul amnesia. This creates an imbalance between the mind, body and spirit. These imbalances can result in phobias, addictions, emotional chaos, poor relationships, negative life choices, spiritual attachments, negative energy attraction and more. 

Through Shamanic journeying, spiritual connection, rituals, and intuitive guides, the attachments are removed, balance is restored, and healing begins. From there we can learn how to attract positive energy, make positive changes and learn skills for continued success. 

I also offer:

  • Curse removal.

  • Dispossessions of people, property and land.

  • Make offerings and ask permission prior to building or exhuming the dead.

  • Usher souls at the end of their earthly journey.

  • Perform funerals and transition ceremonies

  • Perform marriages.

I strive to be respectful and provide a safe healing environment for all people regardless of your current spiritual path, gender identification, race, disability, or veteran status. 

To learn more about Joseph and his services, visit his website.

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