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Guiding Spirit WA Shamanic Healing and Holistic Life Counseling

Joseph A. Abbott, BA, B.Msc., M.Msc., IMM, CPC, Initiated Pathfinder Shaman, Pastoral Spiritual Counselor/Minister, Veteran, and WA HCA Certified Peer Support Counselor

Hello, my name is Joseph Abbott, I am the owner of Guiding Spirit WA.

I have walked my spiritual path since childhood, when I realized a deep connection to Nature and Spirit. As I wandered the mountains, valleys, and beaches of the eastern USA, I felt this deep connection growing. As with many of us, my connection took a back seat as my career and family life unfolded. This led to my U.S. Naval service as a Hospital Corpsman and working in the medical field as a scientist. As my career and family grew, I struggled like many veterans, with PTSD and feeling disconnected from the world, my family, and myself. Knowing I had a higher purpose, I began to reconnect with Nature. I also began to search and research other non-traditional methods of healing. My search led me on a Path of Personal and Spiritual discovery, that transformed my life. By discovering the fears and shadows that controlled my life, resulting patterns and obstacles that were fed by these fears and their impact on every aspect of my past and current life.

By identifying those things that held me back from my true self. I remembered and reconnected to the worlds of Nature and Spirit from my childhood and began to Heal. I initiated as a Shaman and an Animist Minister (Celtic European). Thus, opening me up to a richer life. I discovered a new talent as an artist, and a deeper connection to the world around me.

The Work of the Shaman is essentially being the Bridge between Spirit and the world around us. The removal of things that hold us back, restore balance. Trauma caused our initial wounding, what came afterwards was based on Fear, Shame, Guilt and Self-Judgement. By uncovering and working through your own shadows, grief, and loss, you can begin your journey of Healing. Shamanic Healing identifies and helps us move away from those patterns. I also offer removal of attachments, curses, unbinding and cord cutting, and entity removal from humans, home, and land.

My path has allowed me to assist others along their healing Journey. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you.

To learn more about Joseph and his services, visit his website.

To schedule an appointment call 360-485-0390 or send Joseph an email.

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