Joseph A. Abbott, BA, B.Msc., IMM, CPC, Initiated Pathfinder Shaman, Pastoral Spiritual/Life Counselor, and WA HCA Certified Peer Support Counselor, Veteran, Teacher, Minister
Guiding Spirit WA Shamanic Healing and Holistic Life Counseling

Hello, my name is Joseph Abbott, I am the owner of Guiding Spirit WA.

My own life experience and personal need for healing began after my U.S. Naval service as a Hospital Corpsman, and working in the medical field as a scientist. This gave me the need and ability to search and research other non-traditional methods of healing. My search led me on a Path of Personal and Spiritual discovery, that transformed my life. I have spent the past 10 years looking inward at my life, discovering the fears and shadows that controlled my life. The patterns and obstacles that were fed by these fears and the impact on all my former and present relationships, including the relationship with myself.

I found that my life was out of balance and that through studying Shamanism and Metaphysical practice I could identify those things that held me back from my true self. I learned about my connection to the worlds of Nature and Spirit and began to heal. I initiated as a Shaman and an Animist Minister (old European Celtic tradition).

My healing opened me up to a richer life. I discovered a new talent as an artist, and a deeper connection to the world around me. These discoveries allowed me to connect to others and assist them in finding their own path and healing journey.

The work I do has a Shaman is to bring balance back into your life. I do this by uncovering and working through your own shadows, grief, and loss. I am able to assist in removing intrusions and attachments as well as curses, whether self-imposed or brought on by others. I am able to assist in clearing homes, businesses and land of negative energy, spirits, demons, and ghosts. I also have the ability to negotiate with elemental spirits. Furthermore, I am able to assist in past life work, i.e., discovering and using adjacent life walking, to break patterns carried over from past into present life. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you.

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