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Massage and Spa Services

by Todd McLendon, L.M.T.

"I specialize in working with people who are in pain due to stress or injury."



Not just a luxury but also a necessity. My spa services are therapeutic in nature. They do more than pamper or decrease tension in our bodies. Therapeutic spa services soothe tired muscles, exfoliate dead skin cells, detoxify tissue, moisturize the skin, and nourish the body. The benefits of my spa services are increased circulation and metabolism, healthier skin, decreased muscle soreness, reduced cellulite, improved immune system, and new vitality over all. Below are descriptions of spa services I offer.


Foot Soaks - $55

Soak your feet in soothing, warm water filled with Brittany Atlantic Sea Salts and essential oils. Then body butter is applied to further detoxify, deodorize, refresh, and rejuvenate your tired feet. Or, enhance your foot soak experience with a green or pink clay mask and peppermint brown sugar foot scrub!! Ooh-La-La!!


Body Polish - $75

The total spa body exfoliation! Exfoliates, cleans, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin by using Brittany Atlantic Sea Salts from France, natural fragrances, sweet almond oil, rose hip and cucumber extracts, blended together then rubbed over your entire body. After a shower, you receive a body massage using body butter!


Body Wrap - $75

The total spa body detox! The body is painted with green or pink clay mask then wrapped for 45 minutes. Once showered, you will receive a body massage. Pure bliss!!


Spa Packages - Price Range from $95 - $120

Experiencing a spa package is a wonderful way for you, a family member, or a friend to indulge in a body care necessity--therapeutic spa services. These "mini getaways" can last from 2 to 4 hours. Gift Certificates are available, making spa packages a wonderful gift for any occasion! Ask me about spa package upgrades! Or about paraffin dips for hands, elbows, feet and body wraps!!

My name is Todd McLendon, Licensed Massage Practitioner. I graduated with honors from one of the top massage schools in Washington State: The Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle. The focus of my program was to develop techniques that are highly effective toward relieving pain using: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Injury Treatment and Spa Services. I am also a Certified Touch Pro Chair Massage Practitioner.


Since establishing my own massage practice, I have assisted many people through their healing process, who are in pain due to stress and injury. I look forward to working with you in your healing process. 

I accept most insurances, as well as private pay. 

$70 for a seventy minute massage.

$90 for a ninety minute massage.

Call today to schedule an appointment!



Many of us face physical pain that inflicts our bodies on a daily basis. Much of this pain is due to stress or injury. Stress can be found in every aspect of our lives: busy schedules, bills stacking up, the oil needs to be changed in the car 5,000 miles ago, and communication problems with family members--just to name a few examples. Pain can come from bodily injuries as well. Whiplash from an auto accident, shoulder pain due to playing baseball over the weekend, back pain caused by lifting something heavy, and carpal tunnel from typing on the computer at work all day are a few instances of activities that inflict pain.



Physical pain due to stress or injury can be relieved by simply manipulating muscle tissue and by increasing blood circulation using massage therapy. By using my hands to apply light, medium, or deep pressure, my massage therapy increases the flow of nutrient rich blood to muscles. This is necessary to repair injured tissue. Also massage therapy can relieve stress to our bodies by calming our overactive nervous system.


Call or email me today to schedule an appointment!

Todd McLendon, L.M.T.


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