Juanita Evans, M.A., LMHC

Circle in a Square Counseling

Many times in our lives we believe that overcoming obstacles is like attempting the impossible. We continue to feel lonely, make the same mistakes, and have the same fears and self- doubts that eventually cause us to believe that life will always be the same. Life will always be attempting to put a square peg into a round hole.

Well, I believe that life has many possibilities. Life does not have to be a futile attempt of the impossible “putting a square peg into a round hole”. Counseling can assist you in making the changes that you desire in your life. Providing you the opportunity to explore new avenues in which you might not have believed before. This journey may not be easy; however, it is one that can bring out the change you have been longing for. I hope that I can assist you along the way.

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Laura Fore, M.A., LMHC

Fore Counseling Services

"Balancing Mind & Body"

Every day we are all faced with stress on our mental health that can sometimes stop us from reaching the goals we have set, especially if we are feeling alone and overwhelmed. The most difficult decision is not only recognizing the obstacles, but finding the help we need to overcome these challenges.  


Hello, my name is Laura Fore. I am here for YOU!  You aren’t alone anymore.  Allow me this opportunity to assist you in your journey. Together we will create a plan to help you reach those goals you would like to achieve.

Growth is the motivation we all need to accomplish. The goals we set help us overcome the barriers that may be preventing us from fulfilling our dreams.  You are a very important person and together, by balancing your mind and body, we will turn weaknesses into strengths and encourage the change necessary to promote growth in your life. This is all about attaining your true potential!

Specialties: Nutrition education and coaching. Military Welcome!

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Deborah Grace, M.A., LMHCA

Deborah Grace Counseling, PLLC

My specialties are relationships, intimacy and sexuality, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I work with couples and adults.


I begin with the attachment premise that we are relational beings and need one another, we all deserve to feel safe, connected and cherished. I help you develop a firm foundation, trusting your inner wisdom and expressing your needs and desires in growth affirming ways that bring you closer to yourself and others.


I incorporate psycho-education helping you become your own healer and offer practical tools to increase your resilience, hope and joy. I integrate therapies including cognitive, behavioral, and somatic (body centered), mindfulness, depth therapies and EMDR, all grounded in a deep appreciation for the way you learn best. 

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Betsy L. Hicks, M.A., LMFT

Lacey Couple and Family Therapy Services, PLLC

I believe therapy is about development and progression. Therapy can and often should be a challenging process. Recognizing that change can be hard at times, I strive to provide a safe, confidential, and comfortable atmosphere. I work hard to balance a client’s desire to change and the need for support and stability, by providing a challenging yet nurturing environment. My goal is to help you develop the best relationship possible and reach a better understanding for positive and lasting change.

Take the next step and explore the possibilities! I provide services for couples, families, and individuals. I offer weekend and evening appointments available.

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Amara Kramer, M.A., LMHC

Amara Kramer Counseling

  • Dynamic, collaborative, individual psychotherapy with adolescents and adults.

  • Diverse and holistic Person-Centered therapeutic approaches including mindfulness-based, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), family systems, attachment-focused.

  • Welcoming and affirming care for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients.

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Kerri Stoehr, M.A., MBA, LMHC

Passageways Counseling and Coaching

Helping People Discover New Possibilities!

"Our thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to our possibilities." - Orison Swett Marden


Imagine a counseling or coaching relationship where the total focus is on you, what you want in life, and what will help you achieve it. My signature is in creating a safe, confidential, trustworthy, respectful, non-judgmental, professional partnership which is unique to each person or family – a space where you can discover, learn and grow.

Some of the areas we can explore inlude:

  • Counseling – help with personal, teen, family, and couple issues and challenges.

  • Coaching – help with life strategies, goal setting, workplace issues, leadership, confidence, vision and purpose.

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Penelope (Lynn) Pavlinovic, MA, MSW, LICSW
Peace at Last Therapy

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Mike Pereira, MSW, LICSW(A), MHP

Clearview Counseling and Therapeutic Services, LLC

The journey to healing begins with a desire to feel better.

Together, we'll work to discover what "better" looks like and what can be done to achieve it. There are many ways life shows us we are stuck in our own story; addiction, depression, anxiety, anger, and many other indicators can be present when we're experiencing such pain. How did we get here? How do we get out? What are we holding onto? Who can we not let go? My practice revolves around the concept that the wisdom we seek is found in the struggle and traumas we endure. With the help from some therapeutic tools, a strength-based approach, and keeping the focus on what you decide is a priority, we'll work to ensure you can again enjoy the strength, confidence, and authenticity that lives in you.

Veterans and Military Families

Mission oriented life can be difficult outside the uniform. Whether you're a service-member trying to find peace at home, a struggling spouse or dependent, or a veteran trying to find purpose, health and connection, we can work together toward the peace you seek. As a combat veteran myself, I specialize in offering therapeutic services through a dynamic, objective-oriented lens. Additionally, I offer services to all military/veteran/law enforcement individuals and families at a reduced rate.

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Jessica Morris.jpg

Jessica Morris, LMHC, SUDP

Sitting in Clarity, PLLC

Why therapy and why therapy with Jessica?


My goal is for my clients to understand and value their emotions so that they can use emotional information as a beneficial tool rather than a hinderance to functioning. When we are able to observe our emotions, we can gather helpful clues about our past and present to make better decisions about our future. In counseling, I enjoy teaching clients about their neurobiology, childhood relationships, specifics of their diagnosis, and social influences to build understanding and curiosity into themselves. Through this, we together transform adversity into empowerment.


I specialize in treating trauma and mood disorders- especially complex trauma related to childhood and family-of-origin issues.

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