Suite D-1 is a small but mighty unfurnished space on the west side of The Marston Center. What this sweet room lacks in space, it makes up for in creativity. This room comes with an added bonus, as there are lovely wood corner shelves already installed on the east side of the room. This space is great for someone who works independently! The monthly rent is $150. Choose your paint sample and get ready begin your new journey!

Suite C-6 is a really fun unfurnished space on the east side of The Marston Center. This suite is located in the center of the C section, so it has a lovely added "window" which offers an open feel to the room. Keep the current blinds, or use your decorative abilities and hang some new curtains! This room has so much promise - it is waiting ever so patiently for its new tenant to unleash its potential! The monthly rent is $400. On your mark, get set, choose your paint sample!

Suite A-16 is a fully furnished space, also known as our Day-Use Room. To occupy this suite one day a week, the cost is $150. For example, the room is currently available on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you leased this space every Monday of the month, it would cost you $150. If you leased it for two days a month, it would cost you $300, and so on. This room receives all the same amenities as our tenants who rent private suites.

A Shared Suite with one of our reflexologists is available on the following days/times:

Monday after 4 pm; Wednesdays until 3:30 pm and all day Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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