Lysa Fey, Reiki Master, CCP, Energy Intuitive/Medium

Mooncycle Wellness

My name is Lysa Fey (pronounced Lisa Fay) and I’m a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Balancer of Chakras, and an Energy Intuitive/Medium.

An energy work session with Mooncycle Wellness is ultimately teamwork - myself, my client, and the universe. Together we work to bring healing where it's needed for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Together we realign, clear and balance the body's energetic system, known as the chakra system. When your chakra system is in balance, you feel safe, grounded, empowered, loved, and connected to source, which helps you navigate through life with a bit more comfort and ease.

When you receive energy work at Mooncycle Wellness it's more than reiki or healing touch - it's the universe sharing messages through sight, sound, touch and smell, as well as directing me to use various vibrational layers in each session. Those layers include crystals, sound, mudras, subtle essential oils and essences. Each layer helps raise your personal frequency by releasing blockages within your chakra system and energetic field.

Energy work is an alternative, natural and non-invasive way to assist in your personal wellness and development. It is extremely complementary to other healing modalities.

I truly look forward to meeting you on your self-care journey. Your questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Have a beautiful day!


Coming soon - Elemental Astrology! Watch for more info! 

To learn more about Lysa and her services, visit her website.

To schedule an appointment call or text 1-360-349-2683 or send Lysa an email.

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