Lysa Fey, Reiki Master/Teacher, CCP, Energy Intuitive, Medium

Mooncycle Wellness

My name is Lysa Fey (pronounced Lisa Fay) and I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Healing Touch Practitioner, Balancer of Chakras, and an Energy Intuitive/Medium.

Energy work is an alternative, natural and non-invasive way to assist along your self-care journey. The holistic practice Mooncycle Wellness offers is extremely complementary to experience while also receiving other eastern and/or western medicine and healing modalities.

An energy work session with Mooncycle Wellness is ultimately teamwork - myself, my client, and the universe. All sessions are individualized for the clients specific needs.

I specialize in:

  • Clearing, balancing and realigning chakras using reiki, healing touch, crystals and tuning forks.

  • Clearing pockets of energy within the bodies torus, or torodial field, as well as sealing energetic leaks, using tuning forks and signing bowls.

  • Connecting with your guides/guardians/angels/light family.

  • Breath work.

  • Meditation.

  • Oracle Card readings.

  • Assisting and supporting other healers through energy work and holding space for them. 

  • Assisting and supporting individuals who work with the dead through energy work and holding space for them.

  • Offering gentle and loving space through energy work for those who are close to crossing over.

I truly look forward to meeting you on your self-care journey. Your questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Have a beautiful day!

To learn more about Lysa and her services, visit her website.

To schedule an appointment call or text 1-360-349-2683 or send Lysa an email.